django-simple-task runs background tasks in Django 3 without requiring other services and worker processes. It runs them in the same event loop as your ASGI application. It is not resilient as a proper task runner such as Celery, but works for some simple tasks and has less overall overheads.

You can run background tasks like this in a django view and it would just work.

from django_simple_task import defer

def task1():
	print("task1 done")

async def task2():
	await asyncio.sleep(1)
	print("task2 done")

def view(requests):
	return HttpResponse(b"My View")

Here’s an overview of how it works:

  1. On application start, a queue is created and a number of workers start to listen to the queue
  2. When defer is called, a task(function or coroutine function) is added to the queue
  3. When a worker gets a task, it runs it or delegates it to a threadpool
  4. On application shutdown, it waits for tasks to finish before exiting ASGI server

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